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Working from home – How to protect yourself from online and offline viruses at the same time?

The global crisis caused by the appearance of the Corona virus threatens not only human health but also enterprise continuity and survival of many businesses – from freelancers, entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises to multinational corporations. Working from home (teleworking) is in a huge rise as a result of the expansion of Covid-19 virus

Some tasks can be performed from home because the work is performed mainly on a computer or via other means of modern technology, the Internet, video conferencing and other online means of communication to allow, while others are related exclusively to the office or organizational units of the employer, such as jobs in catering, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, health care facilities and pharmacies, hair salons and other service industries.

Covid-19 presents a danger to life and health, but online viruses and malware are in the same way dangerous to life and health of your business. If you already work remotely Take care of the security of your data and networks.

Working from home may expose you and your employer to greater Cyber Security risks. This includes making you vulnerable to identity theft, phishing, malware, ransom ware, and other types of attacks – and your employer vulnerable to data breaches, privacy breaches, unauthorized access by hackers, as well as other types of threats. Here is what you can do to protect yourself and your employer’s.

In order to secure our computer, the information contained in it, and everything we do when using the internet, it is necessary to take certain preventive measures.

Therefore cyber-protection has become the need of every internet user. This is important especially for companies, as they are far more exposed to the dangers of cybercrime than individuals are. No one can know the exact moment when he will be attacked, but there are steps you can undertake and thus minimize this possibility.

X-Brain smart device has a very important role when it comes to defense against cyber-attacks.

Xunison’s  X-Brain device beside built-in router, smart home hub, energy management, OTT… It also contains Cyber Security to protect all your data and devices connected to X-Brain Network. X-Brain’s Cybersecurity contains:

Antivirus and Antimalware

(Protecting devices from any virus coming from the internet)

Command & Control Blocking

(Blocking the activity of malware when it tries to steal sensitive information from Clients device.

Internet Security for all devices

(All devices connected to our router will be protected by our advance network pocket scan engine without mapping the speed of internet)

Safe Browsing (IP / DNS)

(Will be able to block malicious IP address and Domain names before they can infect devices)

DoS Attack Protection

(Will protect device connected to our router from any kind of DoS attack)

Protection of the devices on the network (PC, Phone, TV, Camera..)

(All devices connected to the router will be protected against each other, internet network threats)

Signature Update

(Our threat research team will constantly monitor the new internet born threats and actively block on all our routers without delay with our Live Signature Update)

Phishing site Protection

(Our router will identify if the user will visit a phishing site and will actively block the website and report to the user)

Exploit and Vulnerability Protection

(Our device will identify if a hacker tries to exploit a vulnerability on computer or and network and actively block it)

Besides that, X-Brain is also your Firewall with Bank Level encryption that will protect all your data and make it safe.

To learn more about X-Brain devices, visit  :

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