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Modern age phobias

Modern age phobias

The world can be a wonderful place full of opportunities or a scary place full of danger – it depends on how you see things and what you fear. Rational or irrational, fears also change with the times. In order to keep you up to date, we have gathered some of the most interesting ones

In the past few decades, there have been major technological developments that have completely changed our lives.

Today there is a multitude of devices that are labeled as “smart “ which can really make our lives easier – so, we have smartphones, smart TVs, smart speakers, smart cameras … and in recent years smart homes and smart buildings are on the rise.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, modern living, and working spaces do not meet only basic needs. With the process of automation, which includes various smart devices (sensors, locks, appliances…), smart homes and buildings can be controlled through a mobile application and many everyday chores can be automatized

All the fears in one smart household

• One of the biggest problems in the smart home is the support, maintenance, and stability of the system. Users are often scared because they do not know what to do when the system goes down and sometimes waiting for a reply can take weeks, so they lose their smart home for a certain period of time. Most of them have trouble connecting device on their own and are bound to call the customer service.

• Manufacturers usually do not care about the security of the smart device and strive to make them so that they are easier to use, thus many hackers have easier access and can even monitor your cameras, unlock the doors and control your smart home. One of the largest problems are identity theft. Viruses and other internet threats can cause you major headaches.

• Also, the online (virtual) world in which your children participate each day represents one of the major concerns. With great progress in technology, a new generation started relying on the internet for almost all tasks that come along their way. The Internet is certainly convenient for young minds who are eager for information. However, this created an excessive thirst for information and constant stimuli… Children are waking up tired, deconcentrated in school because all night playing games and browse various web contents, while their parents have no control over when their children go online and what they do in cyberspace.

How to overcome all of these fears with the help of a single device?

  • Xunison programmed an all-in-one platform that will help eliminate all your problems and fears.
Smart Home Support Platform
Smart Home Support Platform
  • We have programmed smart home cybersecurity that incorporates antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall, and also added protection for your camera and smart home devices, thus making your home network completely clean and safe.
Xunison's Cyber Security
Xunison's Cyber Security
Xunison's Energy management
Xunison's Energy Management
  • Xunison programmed parental control service which enables its users to monitor the virtual lives of their children, their search history, how much time they spend on the internet, they can filter content, restrict the internet (10 pm-6 am) or completely block access to the internet.
Xunison's Parental Control
Xunison's Parental Control

To find out more possibilities of our device, visit our website : https://business.xunison.com/

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