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COVID-19 | X-Brain helps you monitor the elderly

Corona virus ( COVID-19 ) is spreading rapidly and can affect anyone, but it is considered that it affects severely the elderly and people with existing health problems. In order to overcome this horrible situation as soon as possible, it is imperative to listen to advice, guidelines and most important – stay home! We urge you to wear protective masks, wash hands more often than usual, avoid going out unnecessarily, avoid touching during greetings, help the elderly as much as you can in a manner that doesn’t endanger anyone.

People who are older thereby have a weakened immune system and often have other chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes or cardiovascular problems, are prone to serious consequences, and it is necessary to keep them in isolation.

Therefore, we encourage all of you who have elderly parents, friends or relatives to regularly check on them even if they do not live with you in the house.

We all find it difficult to be separated from our loved ones.

 X-Brain provides the necessary help at home for: elderly, sick, people with disabilities and people with special needs. In this way, these individuals are able to remotely manage the household even from bed.

The X-Brain becomes the hub of the home and works by communicating with devices allowing you to control them from wherever you may be. It manages the lighting, heating, air conditioning, television, computer, audio and video systems, security cameras and other devices. You can become in control for the less able. Supervision and management of different systems will improve the quality of their lifestyle and of course yours by relieving you of stress.

If your parent has difficulties with mobility, now they will feel more independent by not relying on having you with them all the time. With smart home security cameras, you will have an insight in what your kids are doing, and the oldest members of your family too. The X-Brain is a great solution to monitor the elderly, sick, immobile, and people with special needs.

By purchasing the X-Brain device people with physical disabilities can stay completely alone in their home. Remote control of all devices in the home is of paramount importance for the elderly who would not be able to function normally in their home without help. Via mobile phone or remote control they will be able to turn on and turn off the light, unlocks the door, raise the blinds, and regulate the temperature in their place. They can do all of this from the comfort of their chair. Smart homes clearly have the ability to make life easier

Let your parents feel the security, love and affection. Give them back their independence. X-Brain is the perfect solution for them to live out their old -age peacefully

There is also an SOS button that enables them an emergency call in case something happens, while you get a notification on your phone immediately.

Make one small step for your sake, for your loved ones, and for the sake of our planet – stay at home, take care and watch out for older members of your family. Let the X-Brain help you with that and facilitate this difficult situation.

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