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COVID-19 | Isolation now makes for a more enjoyable future!

“Stay home” is the sentence that we justifiably hear a lot these days. Due to the pandemic of virus COVID-19, this phrase has become very important in the whole world. By choosing to stay home you’re choosing to take care of yourself and others. We choose to be responsible and to get through this together, with less damage possible.

However – what to do at home? How to make that time fun, interesting and useful? Lately, many tv channels all around the world have “unlocked” online libraries, virtual museums, even porn channels. There are so many choices.

In order to prevent one of the greatest illnesses while at home – boredom, we need to find appropriate activities and interests.

One way is to purchase an X-Brain device. Apart from turning your home into a smart home, It will protect your internet network, but will also keep you entertained.

Experience a memorable and magical moments in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy everything, from movies and TV program to games and music with the help of the X-Brain smart device. And a huge bonus being never hear kids in the home say ‘’there’s nothing to watch!’’

You will be dazzled by an exceptional visual quality of the display in full HD 4K resolution. With the X-Brain home cinema all your cinematic dreams become reality! You’ll experience a phenomenal weekend, you will forget all your worries and enjoy with your friends and family. Immerse yourself in the world of infinite possibilities. Watch the latest movies, documentaries and animated films from around the world. Cheer up with a romantic comedy, live the unforgettable adventure with your favorite movie heroes, or be among the first to see the latest season of the most popular series. The X-Brain comes caters for the whole family by ensuring everyone has something to watch from grandparents to grandchildren.

No installation or satellite dish is required, the X-Brain connects to your existing TV and turns it into a powerful computer with incredible options… you can sit back, relax and enjoy all your favorite TV shows and movies. The X-Brain allows you to search content through multiple platforms such as Netflix or Hulu, all with a click of a button. You can select a movie genre depending on your mood – a comedy, horror, thriller, romance or something for the kids. When you click on the selected movie you will have the option to watch the trailer, along with some information about the movie, the cast, how long it goes on for etc.

One of the recommendations for all your teenagers that are difficult to keep in the house these days is a TV series “Looking for Alaska ” which differs from the classic teen series because it has no classical clichés, which are common with this kind of series.

It’s a story about an elite high school for smart kids, attended by a guy who is very different from others and does not have many friends in. He is passionate about gathering famous personalities’ last words. He meets Alaska and realizes that there are 2 rival groups in the school and that there different kind of scams happened all the time. The series is very intelligently written and recommended for all teenagers

.Another huge advantage of owning the X-Brain is that the customer gets to choose which source he wants to watch from, whether it be Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and much more. The choice is yours.

It seems that staying home is not so bad when you have an X-brain smart device. It may seem like mission impossible, but this is the time to be responsible. With all these opportunities x-brain provides, there is no excuse and therefore stay home – it could save lives.

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