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Child School

Be the parent that influences their Childs success in school!

Parents must explain very clearly to their child who is about to start school that education is a very important thing and is highly valued. They have to feed child’s curiosity and desire to learn.
It is very important that a child who is starting school already has developed work habits, in terms of personal hygiene, cleaning after himself (for example, tightening the bed after getting up), but also that he has some restrictions and that his parents set limits in activities that are not good.

The internet and the virtual world can be destructive to personality development and social life, especially with children and teenagers. Disturbing fact is that kids are willing to neglect all other obligations in order to spend time on the internet, and even 30 percent of them neglected school to the level of giving up from further education after completing primary school.

 Show them the right path!

 X-Brain smart device will help you and ensure things run smoothly and without the drama! You must be wondering what is the X-Brain and how can it help you?

 X-Brain is all in one device which will facilitate your former way of life and give you a care free easy life. Turn your home into a smarter and safer life-space. X Brain smart device contains Router, Cyber Security, Smart Home, Energy Management, World-wide TV and home theater with the latest movies and series. With X-Brain smart home you will save energy, increase safety in your home and improve the quality of housing.

 Here are a few examples of how it can help your scholars.

·   Limit the use of phones and computers

It has been proven that video games addiction is mostly present among children aged 10 years and older.

Ever since they first showed up ,video games have been causing headaches for parents. Many believe that children spend too much time playing video games that can damage vision, influence success in school or social life of a child. This disease usually affects teenagers and younger population, the most common symptoms are prioritizing playing games over everything else (family and society , nutrition, sleep, schooling…)

Your children probably enjoy hanging out on their phone, tablet or computer before bed… It’s well known and it has been proven that the usage of such electronic devices right before bedtime can cause problems with sleep and reduced sleep quality because they emit stimulating blue light. By using “parental control” which comes with the X-Brain device, parents can control their children, limit time spent on the Internet and lock some of the “dangerous” sites. This feature helps you limit, supervise, guide, and control the usage of your children’s phone or computer.

· Be sure they went to school on time and locked the door

Monitoring and safety are two of the top features of the X-Brain smart device. With this device your home becomes smart. With smart locks, you’ll have complete access control and entry/exit records with the exact date and time. Smart locks are an important link in the protection of your home and they increase integration of all security solutions. An integrated system of these locks, surveillance cameras, smartphones, and security alarms, makes an excellent automation system that warns you of any suspicious events and eliminates doubt and worry.

 · Try out the new alarm sound

If your sleepyheads love to stay in bed until noon this is a great idea to consider. With X-Brain device set their favorite song as the alarm sound 15 minutes before the wake-up time to make their awakening pleasant. This will lift their spirits before going to school.

This smart device can help you in so many ways and ease your life.  In case you still have any doubts or questions, we are looking forward to hearing from you and providing you with adequate information!

For more useful info visit:https://business.xunison.com/all-devices/

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