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Are you ready for a smart home?

If you ticked at least four of the proposed statements, it is definitely time to consider making your home smarter and further more making your life EASIER.

Smart homes are homes where all devices are connected, mobile phones and gadgets who “think and act” on our command and home appliances that are connected in one intelligent system is just the beginning of a “smart revolution” which X-Brain smart device promises to bring into our homes..

The X-Brain smart hub is dedicated to improving your every day and enabling a safer and smarter lifestyle. You’ll have more time for family and friends, while X-Brain will be taking control over time-consuming chores so you wont have to.

We strive to make your life easier by making your home safe, efficient and comfortable place to live.

Benefits of having an X-Brain device:

• Easy way to connect (via ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi)
• Reduces power consumption
• Improves comfort
• Saves money
• Enables remote control
• Automates Home Devices
• Increases Security
• Online security (Cyber Security, Parental Control )

If you are among those people who want their home to be safe, comfortable, efficient, and fully adapted to their lifestyle, you’re in the right place. X-Brain allows you to monitor and control the entire home wherever you are. Monitoring your children has never been easier. With this device, you will have complete access and control over the Internet content that your children browse. X-Brain will allow you to control your home appliances, track energy consumption and save money.

For more on these and many other opportunities that X-Brain offers check out our website

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