Smart Home Hub X-Brain

Are You Automating Or Complicating?

If you need to open several applications or take a few remote controls, do you really have a smart system? One application controls lighting, another is for heating and air conditioning, a third checks surveillance cameras… Let’s be honest, this is like carrying 10 remote controls with you to control different devices. THAT is not a smart home!!! In addition, these devices and systems do not interact with each other. Was the problem at the beginning of implementation? Yes, poor planning and design cause all devices to work independently (if they work at all)!

Your Home Network Could Be A Problem!

Imagine your grid being a street with lots of intersections and lots of traffic lights. All wired and wireless devices that use your network are vehicles on this street. Honestly, that’s a lot of traffic, right? Several cell phones and a computer. But over time, you’ve added a few tablets, a smart TV, an Apple TV, a few cameras…and, what happened to the network? It became very slow. Upgrading or adapting the network is an essential part of the automation system infrastructure.

Many “smart home” systems and devices which you can find on the market today do not have the ability to communicate with each other because they do not use the same technology. The correct approach involves an honest response from the future user of what he/she really wants from the system. Plan the system by using devices that have been proven as good and that allow the subsequent expansion of the system.

X-Brain – The controller of all smart devices in the home

Imagine we told you, you could have one central device in your home that’s connected to all the other devices in the house. The X-Brain smart device makes this reality. It allows you access to everything through one centralized app, rather than forcing you to juggle a half-dozen different apps from disparate manufacturers. This device can connect with other devices via Z-Wave, Bluetooth and WiFi. With our device, the cables that compromised the look of the interior of your house a clutter of wires will become  history. Life in the house will become harmonious because all devices work according to your needs and your wishes. The X-Brain will intelligently execute all your commands, ease your mind, and raise your home ambience to a higher level. That’s exactly what the X-Brain is – a smart device for managing the entire house.

One of the huge benefits of the X-Brain smart device is that it helps you save money, which is achieved through the smart use of our home devices (efficient energy management). It gives you the full control over every single device which is connected to it. X-Brain is a home automation hub that communicates with: all smart devices in your home or office, Door and Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, Surveillance Cameras… It’s the home automation controllera central unit of smart home automation, alarm systems, cyber-security and I IoT. X-Brain connects the devices and appliances in premises so they can communicate with each other and with the user.

How does a smart hub work?

You simply connect your smart devices to a smart hub and you’re all set up.

Once everything’s connected, you’ll be able to control each device via the x home app on your phone, tablet or simply via the remote controller

A smart home system and all the new gadgets should make it easy for the user to do daily chores and provide features that the classic system cannot provide. It is very important that the system is flexible enough as well as prepared for upgrades and changes that will occur in the future.

We give our customers the assurance that they will get a smart home system according to the customer’s needs and preferences. Contact us and discover the capabilities of modern smart home systems. We will do our best in creating the best home automation system that will satisfy all your wishes, with the possibility of further expansion and upgrading of the system. From idea to realization, we are here for you and because of you.

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